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Not all industrial machinery & equipments are suitable for sale by auction for a number of reasons but principally because demand is primarily in a smaller circle of parties. In these cases the time pressure to maximize value is measured in months at times, not days or weeks and the nature of the assets requires detailed research and extended exposure to the market to target interested parties.

Auction Street Negotiated Sales Group has a long track record of successfully selling machinery & equipments around the world to both facilitate the closure of redundant facilities, find new operators of surplus plants.

As part of our service selling industrial plants, we work with vendors and purchasers to facilitate the dismantling and transport of machinery to new locations. This process is time consuming and demands a planning and strategy, due diligence, environmental audit and safe working practice plan to be agreed prior to dismantling. Once the plant is removed, we can manage the process of demolition, debris and scrap materials removal to ensure the site is left clear and clean. Our experts have many years experience in this painstaking task.

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