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As you might expect, surplus asset recovery isn't a process with a one-size-fits-all solution- not as simple as putting a sign out on the lawn. To be effective and profitable, surplus asset management requires a team effort to identify and organize the underutilized resources throughout the company. Once they're identified, several good strategies are available for companies, large and small, to maximize their recoverable assets.

Auction Street Liquidation Group

Our Liquidation group will help your company to turn surplus assets into valuable cash by offering the newest ideas in surplus assets recovery and liquidation with the greatest potential return. Auction Street Liquidation Group with Alliance Partners help combine both Offline and Online strategies to maximize the exposure of offerings. Online B2B auction and listing sites created by Auction Street Alliance to bring together buyers and sellers from around the world to take advantage of it's up-to-the-minute listings and immediate-need sales opportunities. Auction sites offer a dynamic and easy-to-navigate resale clearinghouse for slow moving, excess, outdated, and reconditioned products. Businesses connect with a new, extended customer base comprised of qualified, registered corporate buyers, and conclude online the complete range of business involved in any sale.

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